• AI based Master Data Management

    Consistent and correct data on customers, suppliers, dealers, partners, products, service providers, suppliers, employees and equipment

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  • Intelligent data quality

    Clean customer, vendor and product data from duplicates with never before accuracy and speed

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  • Smart Analytics

    AI powered 360 views and relationships for fraud and surveillence, sanctions screening, KYC and AML.

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According to Gartner, businesses are losing upto 25% of potential revenue due to lack of multichannel view of data. 67% data scientists say cleaning, organizing and linking data is their most time consuming task, and 52.3% cite poor data quality as their biggest challenge.

Reifier seamlessly scales from a few thousand to millions of records. Batch as well as real time.

Reifier's AI engine works with the same ease for data variety in multiple languages - business names, addresses, customer names, educational institutes, cameras, mobiles, watches, other products.

No manual configuration of rules and algorithms leading to lightning fast deployment and unmatched versatility and accuracy.

Existing record linkage and deduplication solutions are rule and dictionary based where defining and managing the rules is a complex and time consuming activity performed by a developer who has a background in matching algorithms and tweaks weights assigned to different fields. To create precise rules, a lot of data cleansing and preprocessing is also needed. Reifier's Fuzzy Matching AI engine smartly figures the right way to match your data at the highest accuracy. Check matching samples.

“Before Reifer we had to use a lot of manual efforts to identify potential duplicates in customer data, now the system can learn patterns and find duplicates for us intelligently. It’s a breakthrough to a long-standing issue of our businesses.”

- Mr. Dave Chan, Regional Director Business Intelligence, UBM Asia

Watch Mr. Chan's testimonial at Strata Hadoop World Singapore 2015

"I have had the opportunity to evaluate the Reifier product offered by Nube in a big data environment. The Reifier solution extended a simple and intuitive workflow customised on the basis of our data requirements. Further it demonstrated the ability to mine and match patterns across large disparate data sets. Finally, the accuracy of results generated by Reifier was far superior to all other commercial products evaluated as part of the exercise. The above reasons made it a clear choice for deployment as part of my organisation. I wish Nube the very best in their endeavour to take this product to the global market."
- Government of India official

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    Define data

    Choose fields to be matched.

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    To learn similarity rules, Reifier needs few matching and non matching samples. Using Reifier Interactive Learner, mark few sample pairs as matches/non matches. If training data already exists, that can be used instead.

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    Reifier's powerful AI algorithms learn similarity rules and apply them on the complete dataset to identify and mark duplicates

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Deploy on-premise or on the cloud. Custom plans available.

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