• Consolidate business data

    Link people names and addresses from different sources to find common entities.

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  • Discover valuable information

    Merge in house data with external information to identify target leads.

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  • Enhance existing information

    Ensure business information is accurate and up to date.

Discover, Enhance and Consolidate Business Data at a never seen before scale!


A leading HR company is building a data warehouse to have a uniform view of their data and processes. Data fed from its regional offices has overlaps. Reifier helps the HR company to remove these overlaps and discover new leads.


A local search company lists millions of regional businesses, restaurants and contacts. They periodically crawl the web to update their listing database. Information crawled from the web will have similar entries found from different websites and also with pre-existing entries in the database. Reifier helps the search company compare their existing listings with potential listings from the crawled data, and keeps their directory up to date and free from duplicate data.


An advertising company maintains a listing of brands and advertising campaigns. Minor local variations in brand/company name create duplicate entries. This results in poor consolidation of size of each campaign. Reifier helps consolidate dupilicate entries into a single view and thus provide a correct view of campaign size.

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    Identify data for normalization

    Locate contacts, brands and other data which needs deduplication

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    Let Reifier do the magic...

    Through its custom machine learning and big data algorithms, Reifier sifts through your data and identifies similar records

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    Your data is ready!

    Reifier informs you when your data is ready for consumption.

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By combining machine learning with big data technologies, Reifier intelligently selects the closest matches while highlighting duplicates.

Available for a spin on your local machine, private or public cloud

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